Cody + Melinda

I had the honor and privilege of attending Melinda and Cody’s wedding at Lavender Fields in Milton, DE on 09/05/15. I’ve known Melinda for about a year now and have learned how much she absolutely adores Cody. Being 5’1 and in a relationship with someone who towers over you at 6’7, there are naturally some challenges that go with that foot-and-a-half height difference, including dancing and kissing photos. However, despite a little bit of a sore neck by the end of the night, Melinda was simply gorgeous and her all-day smile was matched by her new husband’s.

I’ve never been to Lavender Fields, and truthfully, don’t know my way around much of the lower Delaware area, so it was a real treat to explore the venue and the beach house in Lewes, Delaware where the girls got ready. I have to say that if you’ve never had a chance to walk around the Delaware beach areas, outside of Rehoboth, you’re truly missing out.

I look forward to being a part of Cody and Melinda’s journey as they grow in their life together. I foresee a very happy future for the both of them, and I was happy to capture even a glimpse of the love they share through video.

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