Senior Portrait Experience with Janice Louise Photography

A while back, Janice Louise approached me after one of our Rising Tide Society meetings (if you’re a fellow creative, you HAVE to look into RTS!), and asked if I’d be able to capture one of her senior styled sessions. After looking through some of her past senior sessions, of course I said yes! First off, if you’ve never met Janice, you gotta know that A. she is the most upbeat person around and B. my gawsh she has all the fashion sense! So, fast forward to a few weeks before high school seniors head back to school, and enter Lydia, the most gorgeous girl with big brown eyes and long (all natural) hair. The first thing she said to the both of us was, “I’ve never done this before and you’re gonna have to help me.” I’m not sure if this chick was just being humble, or was an absolute natural in front of the camera. Either way, Janice and Lydia had the perfect portait session. So, enjoy this film and check out Janice Louise Photography f you’re trying to find a portrait photographer that makes you forget you’re not a professional model and have so much fun in the process! 🙂

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